Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Sound of Mountain Water:

Backside of Pebble Creek, at the top of Pebble Creek Road.
WARNING:  Getting here takes tough tires and a few creek crossings in your truck.  Pack a spare AND a camera.  It's beautiful.


  1. Fabulous! Is the top picture taken with your new lens?

  2. Thanks Daughter!

    The top shot was taken with my new lens but my new lens has nothing to do with the zoom technique I used to blur the edges of the shot. Back in the day when I was in the darkroom at my highschool every single morning and afternoon, one of my favorite techniques with a zoom lens was called racking...

    How to: Choose a shutter speed at or below 1/125, focus on object and when you press the shutter to capture the image, zoom in OR out with your lens. It creates radial lines that shoot out from the main focal point in the image. Neato.

  3. How I dream of a new camera...thanks! ;)