Friday, January 8, 2010

i didn't expect it
when i moved here
out of the heat of the southwest
i always have yearned for the
great northern plains
for those long stretches of flat gold
and a living sky
but the longer
i call the mountains home
the smaller the chance
i'll ever leave


  1. How DID you end up in Idaho??? (P.S. I know I keep saying this, but I love love love that you cherish Idaho and share it with the world! You keep supplying me with one of my favorite drugs! ;)

  2. I'm glad to be your dealer...

    I told RW, "Get me the heck out of this low desert..." During our stint in Arizona. He was a fish biologist for the federal government back then. I told him, just quit your job and do something you've always wanted to do and so he applied to hotshot crews all over Montana and Idaho and the crew that hired him is based out of Pocatello.

    We packed up our Arizona home, drove to Idaho and the rest is history. The first time I EVER saw Idaho or Pocatello was the day I rolled into town in a Uhaul.


  3. What do you use to edit your photos? How do you get the rounded edges and wonderful effects?

  4. Hi Zorah!

    Thanks for your question.

    I edit my photos with the stock iPhoto program that comes on Mac computers. I also edit my photos using Picnic, sometimes. And I TAKE nice photos with my camera before I do the editing -- by this I mean, it doesn't matter how much editing you do if you take crappy photos. :) I didn't do much with these shots besides bump the contrast and round the edges. I shot both photos with a 50D Canon camera, 18-55 lens, on manual settings through a second camera (argus 75).

  5. Aww...Maybe I better use your line on MY husband. Haha! Of course he isn't very fond of AZ either. Drat this economy! Thanks for sharing! Welcome home!!

  6. You could try it Madam Perkins!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks! I love the rounded edges. I'm working on my photo-taking skills! Your shots are a great inspiration.

  8. I am a high desert girl is in my bones, my skin, my heart...
    and yet here i am in the lush lush lush green mountains...yearning for some wind and gritty dust...

    so, thanks for the fix, missy!